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Part of our second week in Dehradun was spent with Dr. Ramola who is an ophthalmologist. He spent his early career working for a government hospital and performed over 40,000 surgeries while working there. Now, he spends his time running... Continue Reading →


The Town of Mussoorie

Apart from spending time at LCH working in the hospital, we had ample time to explore the town of Mussoorie. First, let me start by saying that when they call the town a "hill station" they weren't kidding. Every single... Continue Reading →


One of the many problems plaguing the medical landscape in India are the "quack" doctors who are omnipresent. Every doctor we talk to had countless stories of these phony medical practitioners taking advantage of patients. Dr. Gandhi told us one... Continue Reading →

The “Tragedy of Scale” and Lessons Learned 

The "tragedy of scale" in India makes for some interesting medicine. With 1 billion potential patients, the rare diseases that are "one in a million" are actually quite common (which reminds me of a terrible joke: What does it mean... Continue Reading →


Our third week of the rotation took us to the mountain village of Mussoorie which is one of Dehradun's many "Hill stations." After an hour and a half drive up the winding mountain roads (which left all of us feeling... Continue Reading →


  Our last night in Dehradun was Jan 13, which happened to be the same night as Lohri, a Punjabi festival. Once again, Mayank, our wonderful CFHI coordinator, had a connection and scored us an invitation to a Lohri celebration.... Continue Reading →

The Medical Landscape – a viewpoint from the streets of Dehradun

If you were to hop onto the nearest vikram and go for a ride down one of the streets of a Dehradun you would find yourself driving past a chemist shop (pharmacy) on every corner, a mixture of doctors practicing... Continue Reading →

A Visit to the Doctor’s Office

On our second day of the rotation, we had the pleasure of going to City Heart Hospital founded by Dr. Sanjay Gandhi for an evening clinic. Now, I want you to stop and take a moment to consider the mental... Continue Reading →

A walk around town – life in Dehradun 

Dehradun is a small-medium sized city of five hundred sixty thousand located in the state of Uttarakhand in the northeast of India near the Himalayas. According to our local contacts the city has undergone a massive and rapid expansion in... Continue Reading →

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