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Upwards towards Tengboche and Dengboche

Day 4 would take us from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche (3867m). The day was clear and beautiful, without a cloud in the sky - a much needed reprieved from our two previous days of gloomy grey cloudiness. We set off... Continue Reading →


Descending and New Years in Lukla

Waking up the next morning, still riding the high from base camp the day prior, we set out down the mountain and to meet up with out friends. The usual plan for getting off the mountain is to take 3... Continue Reading →

Base Camp and Kala Pathar 

Finally! Today was the day we had been waiting for. To come all this way and finally be able to check the box next to "Everest base camp" off my bucket list. We began with an early start to the... Continue Reading →

Lobuche and the Pyramid in the Khumbu

Day 7 began with a nice casual walk to the town of Thukla (or Dughla depending on which map you look at) where we had a light lunch before beginning the uphill climb to Lobuche. After a steady hour or... Continue Reading →

A “Rest” Day in Dingboche and the Teahouse Lifestyle

When walking into Dingboche, just off to your left is a seemingly small hill. Bishnu points it out to us and says that we will be climbing it on our acclimitiazation day in Dingboche. After an uneventful evenening, we get... Continue Reading →

A Day Hike From Namche

3440m Compared to all the settlements we passed along the way to Namche, it could perhaps be described as a thriving metropolis. The town is tucked into a basin in the side of the mountain and sprawls upwards on all... Continue Reading →

On the way to Everest – Getting to Namche Bazaar. 

Three days into the journey to Everest Bsae camp and we find ourselves in Namche Bazaar. The de facto capital of the region, the staging hub for climbers and trekkers alike, and the largest market in the region. But first,... Continue Reading →

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